NOTE: This process applies to local clients only. If clients are located outside the DFW area, they are required to still submit a consultation request with the designer via our CONTACT PAGE.

At Classy You, we specialize in creating high end, custom, made-to-order apparel for our clients as well quality items from our collection. We value the relationships that we build with each and every one of our clients. For that reason, we have our own custom order process in place to not only serve and exceed the expectations of our clientele with exceptional service, but to also involve them in the creation of their one-of-a-kind custom piece. This is the personal touch and the ultimate benefit of the “Classy You” experience.

  • Consultation

    To start the process, we require a consultation request from the client, the initial meeting will only be confirmed after the client has submitted a non-refundable consultation fee. During the consultation, the client works with the designer directly to discuss their ideas: fabric, color, the specific details of the custom garment (including the sketch), and design approval. Though prescribed, the consultation meeting is not necessarily limited to the activities previously stated. Every consultation is just as unique and diverse as the clientele we serve. Collaborating on the design will help ensure that it fits the client while representing the brand at the same time.

  • Approval

    Once the design is approved, Classy You will send a price quote, and then start production. The client is required to schedule a fitting via our website (on Contact Us link), once confirmed, the client will meet with the designer to complete the fitting. When the client is satisfied, the final touches will be added to the garment. Classy You offers pick-up, drop off or shipping, depending on client’s preference and/or location upon completion of the garment.

  • Be Noted

    Please note, if the client desires to significantly revise sketches and/or garments after the process starts, Classy You would accommodate the client’s revisions at an additional charge. Additionally, evening gowns or special occasion pieces require at least six weeks of production. Failure to start the custom process within the stated time frame for production, will automatically categorize the client’s order as a “Rush Order”. These orders are subject to a $75 fee in addition to the total purchase price of the garment. The “Rush Order” fee is separate from shipping and handling. The purchase price of the garments do not include the “Shipping and Handling” fee.