Based in Dallas, Texas, Chrissy Mixon is the owner and designer extraordinaire of Classy You by Chrissy Mixon. It was her love for fashion, style and “all things classy” that influenced her decision to launch the line of apparel in 2016.
After conquering thyroid cancer in 2014 and due to weight fluctuations, finding fashionable, modest apparel became a constant struggle. However, undeterred, Chrissy decided to be the solution to her own problem and pursue her dreams. Having battled with inaccurate accounts of self-esteem herself, she made encouraging and empowering women all over the world part of the vision.
As a business graduate of Texas A&M University in Commerce, Texas (2016), Chrissy went to great lengths to advance her knowledge of business operations and the tenets of entrepreneurship, in that shortly after graduation, she began her career as a fashion designer and business owner.
Her brand and collection caters to the sophisticated, fashion-forward woman who embraces class and modesty as a lifestyle. Classy You is the palette Chrissy uses to exhibit her artistic, creative abilities. Through her chic, high quality custom apparel, she is making her mark in the fashion industry.
The Zimbabwean-born, Texas-bred, self-taught designer believes that her luxury brand will reach today’s elegant, cultured and stylish woman. She aims to bring back the class that has been sorely lacking in the industry. Classy You will forever reflect the true essence of a lady!

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